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YMCA Peace Week

The YMCA believes peace is more than the absence of violence and conflict. Peace is the ongoing work of building and rebuilding conditions of fairness, inclusion, empathy, security, and respect for diversity. When Canadians embody the values of peace through our daily actions, we can build a better Canada. When we act for peace, together we build stronger and healthier communities. YMCA Peace Week is a time when we celebrate the presence of peace in our local and global communities, and reflect on the peace-building work that happens all year both inside and outside the YMCA. Check back for a schedule of 2017 YMCA Peace Week activities and events.

Peace Week – November 19-26

Peace Medallion

As part of YMCA Peace Week, YMCAs across Canada present the YMCA Peace Medal to individuals or groups who, without any special resources, status, wealth or position, demonstrate a commitment to the values of peace through contributions made within their local, national or global community. The YMCA Youth Advisory Council presented the 2016 Peace Medallion to Guru Nanak for his work serving food in the VLA.