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Community Initiatives

We are committed to proving our community the support and initiatives it needs to thrive. We believe a vibrant, healthy community is one in which everyone feels a sense of belonging and connection. At the YMCA, that often means stepping forward with a new program or service to address specific and unique needs in the communities we serve. We are proud to promote healthy living, to foster connection, inclusion and belonging and to help children, families, and seniors thrive through our unique partnerships and initiatives.

Beyond The Bell

As a leader in healthy living, we know that living in poverty is often linked to an increase in health-related issues in kids, including poor nutrition, obesity, increased behavioral and emotional problems, as well as low academic achievement. YMCA Beyond the Bell is an after-school academic achievement program that gives vulnerable children the additional help they need to keep pace with their grade level and peers.

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Child Care Resource & Referral

As a part of our commitment to helping children and families thrive, CCRR provides services and support to child care providers and parents throughout Northern BC. We work to enhance the availability and quality of child care services by providing information, support, resources as well as referral services to families and child care providers across our region.

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Global Initiatives

For many years YMCAs in Canada have partnered with YMCAs in other parts of the world to exchange ideas and information and to collaborate on mutually beneficial projects.

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Simon Fraser Lodge

We want seniors to be healthy and engaged in their community, which is why we are proud to partner with Simon Fraser Lodge to provide recreation services to its residents.

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