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Summer Club

YMCA Summer Club is the best way for school age children to spend their summer as our caring and enthusiastic staff guide your child’s development through fun and engaging programs, including field trips and weekly lake visits. Weekly themes ensure that the whole summer is filled with fun from start to finish as children laugh and play in our inclusive environment. Children can join by the week or on a part-time basis to meet every family’s needs.

We encourage families to visit or contact us to arrange a tour. Parents and families can find out more about YMCA Group Care 3-5 Years in our Parent Package.

Parent Package

Full-Time Weekly Sessions Part-Time Weekly Sessions
Day Monday to Friday (5 Days a week) Monday to Friday (5 Days a week)
Fees $197.00 7:00am Drop off $20/ Week
2 Days $80
3 Days $120
Times 9:00am-11:30am
Locations YMCA Care and Learning Centre
YMCA Lac Des Bois Care and Learning Centre
YMCA Highland Family Development Centre
YMCA Highland Family Development Centre

Week 1 • July 4 – July 7 (Closed July 3rd)

Highland, Massey & Lac Des Bois
Art-Rageous • $157
Your child will explore their inner Picasso with a week of fun art exploration. Bring your creativity and prepare to get messy!

Week 2 • July 10 – July 14

Highland & Massey
Wacky & Wet • $197
What better way to beat the summer heat than to explore all things water! Join us for a week of water balloons, sprinklers and a giant water slide!

Lac Des Bois
Kids in the Kitchen • $197
Have your children join our enthusiastic staff in the kitchen to create nutritious meals and develop their culinary skills.

Week 3 • July 17 – July 21

Highland & Massey
Gold Rush • $197
Strike it rich while exploring the era of the Cariboo Gold Rush. Learn what it took to survive on the trail, pan for gold and make your own bread and butter. Challenge your friends to make it to the claim first.

Lac Des Bois
‘Y’ Solve It • $197
Are you good at solving mysteries? Show us your spy skills and learn some new ones as we become detectives. Try geocaching, map making, treading and much more!

Week 4 • July 24 – July 28

Highland & Massey
Cirque-De-PG • $197
There is something for everyone at the circus. Balancing, juggling, and clowning around are just a few of the circus arts you will try during this week!

Lac Des Bois
Silly Science • $197
Exploding volcanos, ooey gooey goop and racing rockets. Join us as we learn about gravity, chemical reactions and all things science during this slimy, silly week.

Week 5 • July 31 – August 4

Highland & Massey
Nature Agents • $197
Let’s get outside and explore what nature has to offer! From forestry to farming, join us for some outdoor fun!

Lac Des Bois
Y Explorers • $197
Join our enthusiastic team as we set out to explore our local jungles. Children will learn to use compasses as we take a safari tour through local parks. We will learn about animals and plants that exist right in our own backyard!

Week 6 • August 8 – August 11 (Closed August 7th)

Highland, Massey & Lac Des Bois
Sports of All Sorts • $157
Join us as we try all sorts of sports including badminton, soccer, bocce, tennis and more!

Week 7 • August 14 – August 18

Highland & Massey
Just Try It • $197
Ready to learn new skills and try new experiences? We will explore new sports, dances from around the world, pottery and more!

Lac Des Bois
Fantastic Flight • $197
Up, up and away! Balloons, kites, bat houses and rockets. Join us as we discover all things that fly.

Week 8 • August 21 – August 25

Highland & Massey
Food Frenzy • $197
Join us as we unleash our inner chef. We will discover and create a variety of food from different cultures! We will make bannock, tacos, sushi, crepes and more!

Lac Des Bois
‘Y’ Makes a Difference • $197
It’s easy to make a difference in the world around us. Plant flowers, compost, build homes for birds or do something for your neighbour. Can you up-cylce those unwanted materials into something awesome? Discover the possibilities with us.

Week 9 • August 28 – September 1

Highland, Massey & Lac Des Bois
Y’s Got Talent • $197
Talent can be anything from singing your favorite song, skipping on one foot, to creating an entire play! Bring your talents to the Y and lets have some fantastic fun.