Borealis Counselor‐in‐Training Program 2017-08-23T23:52:11+00:00

Borealis Counselor-in-Training Program

Borealis guides youth on a journey of self-discovery to continue to grow as leaders. Camper’s journey begins in June as they take-part in pre-camp training to learn about communication, group dynamics, child protection, risk management and programming. Their discovery continues through two-weeks of summer placement under the mentorship of a seasoned camp staff. Campers will have several opportunities to lead with group placements with younger campers in the Solaris program throughout their sessions. With an emphasis on leading and working with others, campers will participate in daily self-reflection and program that includes theory, obervations, and analysis. Whether campers are working to become future camp staff, are in need of volunteer hours for graduation or simply want a meaningful way to spend their summer, the Borealis program will leave them with fond memories, strong friendships, and lasting confidence.

Borealis Counselors-in-Training:

  • Recieve a letter of reference from the Coordinator
  • Gain valuable employment training
  • Volunteer hours count for graduation
  • May be eligible for graduation credit for volunteer hours
  • Are preferred YMCA Camp Staff