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General Policies

*Membership Card or Photo ID is required for anyone accessing the building or registering for programs.

Why Do We Require Photo ID?

The YMCA is home to children of all ages and vulnerable adults. Our Child Protection Policy follows safety standards that have been implemented by YMCA’S across the country. As a standard within these policies, we have committed to knowing and confirming who is in our facilities and programs.
The security and safety of YMCA members, volunteers, staff and program participants is paramount. Photo ID is one component of providing a secure environment as stated in national YMCA SAM (Serving All Members) customer service standards. Other tools we use include locked turnstiles, video cameras and sign in sheets.

Your Membership Card confirms that you are an active YMCA member/program participant.

Membership Cards are issued for quick, easy access to the YMCA and are required to access the building. Photo ID supports your YMCA membership when you have forgotten your membership card.

This ID policy provides a reliable and controlled identification process that is fair and equal to all members and guests accessing the YMCA.

Valid photo ID assists/deters potential fraudulent transactions when registering for programs/memberships.

Membership cards and privileges are not transferable to others. If you lose your membership card, report it immediately to Member Services. There is a fee for replacement cards.

Memberships are subjected to automatic fee adjustments based on age categories at any time during the year. For more information on age categories please ask a Membership Services Representative.

Members paying memberships in full will be mailed a renewal reminder notice. Continuous members continue to roll over unless you come into the YMCA to cancel the membership. Please remember to inform us of changes to your personal information so these notices reach you.

Changes to your account information can be done at any time. Please notify us of any changes in phone number, address or email address to ensure we are able to notify you regarding your membership.

Changes must be made 7 days prior to your next payment date in order to be applied to your next payment. If you change credit cards/accounts, or your credit card expires, please bring in a new void cheque or credit card.

Members must keep their accounts in good standing. Individuals owing money may be denied entry.

Change Room Policy

Please follow the following basic etiquette guidelines while in the locker rooms:

Be courteous and practice good hygiene in the showers, steam room and locker room
For everyone’s comfort and safety wear a shirt, shorts or sweat pants, and indoor athletic shoes when utilizing the facility
For everyone’s comfort please refrain from using heavily scented items such as perfumes, deodorants and hair products in the general changing areas
For safety reasons, jackets and bags must remain in the locker room rather than bringing them to the gym, studio, strength and conditioning areas
Food and glass containers are not permitted in any area of the facility. This includes the mixing drinks and supplements
Cell phone use and/or photography are strictly prohibited in all change rooms, washrooms and the fitness floor
Children 5 years and younger are permitted in either change room regardless of gender
Children 6 years and over must use the family change room or the appropriate change room for their gender
Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian in the change room. For full youth access policies please see member services
Valuables such as keys, wallets, and cell phones can be stored in the wallet lockers near the member services desk
Overnight storage in not permitted. Lockers that remain locked after close will be cut off and items removed nightly. The YMCA will not be held responsible for lost of damaged items if they are left in lockers after hours

Shoe Policy

Indoor shoes are required in the Gymnasium and on the Fitness floors.

Program Notes

Children must be the age listed in the brochure when the class starts. The YMCA may cancel, postpone or combine classes based on enrolment. Refunds or account credits will be issued where applicable.


All YMCA members receive a membership card, which must be presented in order to access the facility.

All non-member program participants will need to identify themselves at Member Services to access the facility with proof of registration.

Returned / Declined Payments

Returned / Declined payments will result in an administration charge and must be paid in full before building access will be granted. Please contact the Manager of Membership if you require special arrangements. Your membership will be cancelled if your returned payment has not been received seven (7) days before your next payment date your membership will be cancelled. Your membership may be reinstated once payment is received in full.

Program Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations made after the course starts with a note from a medical doctor will receive a pro-rated refund from the cancellation date.

Cancellations made after the course starts, without a note from a medical doctor, will receive a pro-rated refund from the cancellation date with a cancellation fee of $15.00.

Any refunds from canceled programs will remain on the account as a credit unless a refund is requested.

Switching to another program is processed at no extra charge (space permitting).

Membership Cancellations, Refunds & Transfers

To cancel your membership, complete and return a Membership Cancellation Form along to Member Services. If you pay monthly, you must provide seven days notice prior to your next payment. Cancellations will not be taken over the phone. There is no refund for memberships paid monthly.

Refunds for annual memberships are pro-rated from the date we receive your cancellation in person. Facility usage is not considered when calculating refunds.

When you cancel your membership, you will be required to pay non-member registrations for any programs you are currently registered in.

If you move outside the Prince George area memberships are not transferable. Please contact Member Services before moving.

Waiting List Guidelines

Members have priority. Programs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Wait-listed participants will only be phoned if a spot becomes available.

Daily Lock Rental

Locks are available to rent for $1.00 per day along with a piece of identification.

Lost & Found

Please report all lost items to Member Services in person. The YMCA of Northern BC does not accept any responsibility for lost or stolen items. We will keep all found items in storage for two weeks. Unclaimed items are donated to charity.

Using the Gym, Studios, Strength & Conditioning Areas

Members are encouraged to take advantage of a free fitness centre orientation that will introduce you to the area and proper use of the equipment.

External personal trainers can conduct business using the YMCA facilities if they provide proof of insurance and pay the required fee. We encourage members to take advantage of personal trainers on staff, and member-priced packages. Speak to Member Services for more information or to book appointments.

Drop-in group fitness classes with a star on the schedule have limited space or equipment. You must sign-in at Member Services. Sign-in begins thirty (30) minutes before the class is scheduled to start. You cannot sign-in on behalf of others.

Locker Rooms

Lockers are for day-use only. If left overnight, locks will be cut and contents will be removed and stored at lost and found.


To create an enjoyable atmosphere, the YMCA core values of honesty, caring, respect and responsibility have been incorporated into all that we do. We ask for your support in respecting the rights of all YMCA members, volunteers, and staff. Unsafe, disrespectful or inappropriate behavior could result in removal of membership/program privileges.

We ask everyone to follow these basic etiquette guidelines:

Please be courteous and practice good hygiene in the showers and locker rooms.

For safety reasons, please leave jackets and bags in the locker room rather than bringing them to the gym, studios, strength and conditioning areas.
Food and glass containers are not permitted in any area.

We ask all parents to enforce appropriate behavior to ensure their children’s safety.

Safety & Security

Emergency procedures are in place at all YMCA of Northern BC facilities. In the event of an emergency, immediately contact a staff person or Member Services. If the fire alarm sounds, stop all activity and wait for staff instruction. Please report any suspicious activity to YMCA staff immediately.

Photo Policy & Camera Cell Phone Use

Photography of any kind within any YMCA of Northern BC facility will not be permitted without prior consent.

Camera cell phone use is not permitted at any time in our facilities.

Cell Phones

For the safety and enjoyment of all members and guests of the YMCA of Northern BC, please refrain from using cell phones while working out or in the change rooms. If you require your cell phone for emergency calls, please set it to vibrate and take the call in a private area.


Please see this page for our Privacy Policy.

Childminding Policies

Sick Child Policy

Cold and flu season is upon us and we need your help in preventing the spread of illness to staff and children. Please do not bring your children to childminding if they are sick. The YMCA reserves the right to not accept a child into our care if that child is presenting symptoms of illness, including fever, vomiting, cough or coloured mucus.

Storage Policy

Due to limited space, do not leave your coats, boots or other personal items in childminding. We cannot be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

All items must be stored in the lockers located in the change rooms. If you are driving, please leave strollers in your vehicle.

Glass Containers

Effective immediately, glass containers will not be allowed in childminding due to the increased safety risk with broken glass.

This includes:

Food Containers
Juice Glasses
Exceptions will be made for glass bottles that are protected by a durable exterior such as foam or rubber.